Bonjour! Nunnery Wood High School celebrate culture

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Students at a Worcester school said "bonjour" to learning about an array of new cultures and languages as part of European Day of Languages.

Nunnery Wood High Schools’ Modern Foreign languages department marked the day with week-long activities in lessons to celebrate the languages and cultures of Europe.

All lessons had a cultural focus, with students exploring a range of different aspects of life in French, German and Spanish speaking countries.

Students in Year 7 were asked to identify typical breakfasts from Europe, by only smelling or touching them while Year 8 students watched clips about German food and traditions.

Mrs Telger said: “Every single student I taught that week wanted to visit Germany after watching the clips.

"They were surprised that there are more than 200 varieties of bread, 5,000 beers and 2,000 of sausage!”

Year 8 Spanish students were introduced to vocabulary for colours and shapes before exploring the art work of Spanish-born artist, Joan Miro.

They had the chance to describe some of his paintings using the newly discovered language, or create a piece of artwork inspired by his style.

Miss Williams, who teaches French, said: “European Day of Language is a fantastic way to get pupils interested in the culture of different languages in a free and creative way.

"I created a lesson for Year 8 and decided the topic of fashion 'La Mode', was a good place to start, as teenagers are interested in style and designing their own look.

"Firstly, we watched YouTube videos of Paris fashion week and different ways of creating fashion on a low budget.

"We also talked about top European fashion designers over the ages, and not surprisingly, I discovered that my class knew more than I did!

"We also explored the meaning of French terms for fashion that we use in our own language, such as 'avant-garde and chic'.

"Our second lesson of the week gave students the chance to design, customize and model accessories.

"The results were magnificent! I genuinely loved the enthusiasm of all involved.”

Year 9 students were involved in reading stories in French to inspire them to design and create their own storybooks, largely based on popular children’s stories in French.

Other Year 9 students learnt about the Day of the Dead traditions in Mexico.

They then made paper Marigolds, Papel Picardo and decorated skulls to create a bright and creative display to impress visitors on open evening.

In addition to the many, wonderful lessons which took place that week, many other activities were planned outside of lessons.

A European week bake off challenge was also held, with money raised for charity.

Miss Kendrick added: “Students had put so much hard work into baking and decorating their beautiful cakes.

"We had a huge range on sale such as German marble cake, Polish honey and ginger loaf and French Madeleine's.

"A bake sale was held at lunchtime and I’m pleased to say that we raised over £100 for St Richard’s Hospice.

"Thank you to all the students who took part.”