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Headteacher's Welcome

I am extremely proud to introduce Nunnery Wood High School to you. We are a thriving educational community which buzzes with academic, sporting and artistic activity. As such, this website can only offer you a glimpse of what our happy students experience on a daily basis.

Our excellent examination results arise from Stephen Powella calm, friendly environment and first class teaching. We know and care about each student individually. In our most recent survey, 99% of our parents would recommend Nunnery Wood to other parents and 99% say their child feels happy and safe. Our students go on to fulfil their potential, whether that is university, Oxbridge or a vocational profession.

At Nunnery Wood, we share an irresistible belief that each child will succeed. I hope that this site encourages you to join us in making this happen.

Mr Stephen Powell

Head Teacher


What We Do

We take students from all backgrounds and offer them a world of opportunity through dynamic teaching, enrichment and care. Students leave Nunnery Wood optimistic about their next level of education and equipped with the values and qualities to thrive.

What We Offer Our Students

  • Traditional absolutes in terms of politeness, behaviour and an appreciation of hard-work.
  • A school they enjoy attending, where care and respect underpin everything.
  • Development in reasoning, knowledge and expression at all levels of achievement.
  • Excitement, fun and wonder through teaching and enrichment.
  • A culture of reward that gives meaning to school life.
  • Opportunities to explore the world artistically, culturally and physically.
  • A curriculum that develops ability and talent.
  • Guidance in making good moral choices.

How We Achieve This

  • Knowing our students: data, student voice, high level observation skills.
  • Simple but rigorous systems to monitor and assess.
  • Constant staff training that draws on our internal research and best national practice.
  • Leadership that promotes and celebrates our values through a range of platforms.
  • A determination that our students will achieve beyond national expectations.


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