‘The arts can help students become tenacious, team-orientated problem solvers who are confident and able to think creatively’  Arne Duncan


‘A place of excitement, enjoyment and acceptance’  Hannah r - year 11

In twenty first century Britain, the skills drama teaches, of communication, leadership, team-work, and memory are all easily transferable skills, greatly valued in the working world with application to professions as diverse as law, medicine, policing and sales work. Drama extensively explores social, moral, and political topics to create compassionate students with high levels of integrity. 

The drama department develops every student irrespective of their background through the nurturing of talent and building confidence in self-expression and communication. Our curriculum is diverse, engaging, and challenging, inspiring students to achieve academic excellence whilst becoming empathetic, well-rounded individuals. There is a focus on wellbeing in building resilience, confidence and self-esteem, enabling students to flourish as they foster lifelong skills that can be applied in all aspects of their lives. 

When students depart Nunnery, whether they have only studied drama in KS3 or taken it further to GCSE, we aim for all students to leave with an empathetic view of the world we live in, with the confidence to express themselves and with the skills to lead or collaborate within a team. 

Drama lessons consist of exploring various texts, genres, styles, practitioners, and different forms of stimuli which can include historical events, art, literature, and people of interest. Almost any subject matter can be taught through the medium of drama to further understanding and develop empathy.  

Students will have had experience of being part of performances in primary school but they may not have explored the various techniques, styles and practitioners that help to shape confident and knowledgeable performers, our objective at NWHS is to bridge these gaps and build on the experiences they have already had. 

The curriculum for drama supports all abilities, we believe that the students in which performing comes more naturally to, must be stretched and challenged to ensure progression and an expanding skillset. For this reason, there are opportunities ranging from directing and leading, exploring thought provoking roles, discovering potential career paths in the arts, to working with various design skills; such as, lighting, sound, set and costume. Design skills can also be particularly interesting to those who are less confident with the performance aspect of the subject. SEND students are also supported in drama through taking smaller steps and using building blocks to nourish transferable skills such as speaking in front of large groups, taking a vital role in a group dynamic and experimenting with creativity. 

Students who complete a Drama GCSE have many options for further education in the arts at many fantastic establishments. Worcester Sixth Form college offer drama and theatre studies A level. Heart of Worcester have many options to qualify for a diploma in the performing arts. Or, if willing to travel a little further, Birmingham Ormiston Academy has a renowned provision for the arts offering something for everyone. Some GCSE Drama students may not wish to pursue the arts further but the skills learnt during the course are transferable to many courses of study at any college. 

Opportunities at Nunnery Wood High School include; drama clubs, monologue slams, small scale studio productions to full scale school musicals, trips to professional performances, and workshops delivered by external companies. Students from Nunnery have performed on the stage at the Palace Theatre Redditch in the annual Shakespeare Schools Festival, at Worcester Cathedral as part of the Voices and Visions Festival, and in workshops at the internationally-renowned Pineapple Dance Studio in London. Established theatre companies have visited and worked with our students, such as Big Brum, Vamos, Perfect Circle and Calanit. 


Staffing Structure 
Curriculum Leader: Miss S Young
Email: st.young@nunnerywood.worcs.sch.uk
Phone: 01905 363653