Nunnery wood high school 1



‘The ultimate resource in economic development is people.  It is people not capital or raw materials that develop an economy’  Peter Drucker

In the Economics Department, we believe every student can benefit from the understanding of the wider world and how decisions made can affect their future, and that of others.  We want students to understand governmental and personal decisions, but also have the ability to be critical and create their own solutions to problems faced.  This is achieved through the openness of the subject and the fact that everyone can have a different solution to the same problem.  Through argument and conclusion, students will be tackling problems that go from the individual all the way to global understanding. Resulting in increasing the oracy confidence of each student to feel their voice and view can be powerful and listened to.   

The course interleaves between two exam papers; understanding how markets work and how the economy works.  Starting with individual decisions; business choices and the government’s dealing with the economy, all the way to how countries can work together to solve world-wide issues.

Economics is applicable to everyday life, supports students’ reasoning, sculpting the decisions being made by you and those on your behalf such as the government.  The understanding of those decisions and the ability to be constructively critical allows the students to apply their knowledge to what is going on around them.

Problems such as inequality within the UK and less economically developed countries are all looked into and discussed.  This allows students to have a wider perspective of problems that are affecting other people, what can be done to try and solve these problems, or even what they can do on an individual level.

The subject of economics allows for freedom of ideas and the opportunity to create your own solutions to a wide range of problems.  This gives that chance for everyone to be creative, all that is necessary is to be able to back up your ideas and compare them to others available to solve that specific problem.  This allows opportunities for all students to be creative and expand their thinking, pushing students to reach their full potential. 

Economics allows each student to achieve confidence in a subject that is new but also affects their daily life.  It builds on their ability to work independently and within a group to create discussion and evaluate problems being faced by individuals, regions and the world.  Economics also prepares for post-16 by this increase in discussion, use of extended written arguments and even an overlap of introduction topics to the A-level Economics course.  Overall, the GCSE course offers the student transferable skills to apply to many pot-16 courses, to use and apply information given in articles, to critically analyse data, and to reach a well organised and justified conclusion.



Staffing Structure
Curriculum Leader: Mr M Haywood