Supporting Families During Covid 19

Since March 2020 we have been in a privileged position to work alongside the families in our community.  The stories of care and support have been remarkable.  However, it is important to acknowledge that these are unprecedented times for all and many of our families will be experiencing new pressures and difficulties.  We are proud to be able to offer our early help services in Mental Health and Wellbeing and Family Support to help in these areas.  If you wish to know more please visit our Early Help Offer on the website and contact us if you require more information or would like to access any of the support described.

Worcestershire Children’s Services have also adapted the local Early Help Offer to recognise the new difficulties that families may be facing.  They are offering the services detailed below to help families move forward.

Here to Help

Here to help

This is part of Worcestershire’s response to Covid 19.  By accessing this, parents can be signposted to community support in their own community so that support is sustainable and bespoke for the families in the school community.

Starting Well

Starting well

The Starting Well service has a parenting and community team that can offer on line and telephone support for parents, as well as parenting courses.

Supporting happy parental relationships

Supporting happy parental relationships

We recognise that during Covid 19 parental relationships maybe under pressure for several reasons, whether parents are living together in the family home or not. This website contains a range of self-help information and links to support.