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Student Transition Information

Below you will find a number of useful links for parents/carers. This is provided to support the transition for your son/daughter to Nunnery Wood High School.

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Nunnery Wood is a popular 11-16 Academy committed to serving its local community. We hold an Open Evening and Open Day for prospective students and parents/carers every September. Please see this website for more details closer to the time. If you would like an opportunity to look around please contact the Headteacher’s PA, Mrs Helen West (01905 363636 / 01905 363657 or Email) and we will be happy to arrange a tour.

We have over 20 feeder primary schools!

  • Cherry Orchard Primary School
  • Nunnery Wood Primary School
  • Perry Wood Primary School
  • Red Hill CE Primary School
  • Stanley Road Primary School
  • Whittington CE Primary School
  • Many more

Our Catchment Area

Catchment Area

If you are unsure as to whether you are in our catchment area, then visit:

and choose “Catchment Areas” where you will be able to enter your postcode and find which schools’ catchment areas you live in.

Admissions for Year 7 September 2020

Information regarding appeals and school-closures (applicable to 2020 only)

The Department for Education has passed emergency regulations that introduce flexibility in the way that appeals are held, given the current social distancing measures in place.  They have also amended some of the deadlines surrounding the timescales.  The Appeals Team within the Local Authority as well as every admission authority in the county that makes arrangements for independent appeals to be heard, will be investigating ways of dealing with appeals using written representations, as well as bringing panels together via telephone or other means. Please see below the information in relation to appeals and how to appeal for different types of schools.

You may lodge an appeal for any school that you have been refused a place. An appeal must be lodged in writing and must include the grounds upon which the appeal is made. The Department for Education, however has now extended the deadline for lodging an appeal.  The revised deadline now set, by which parents must submit their full reasons for appeal, is 29th May 2020.

The process for appealing for a place at Nunnery Wood High School is outlined below.

The admission number for Year 7 is 300.

The first step to apply for a place is for parents/carers to complete an application form, available from Worcestershire County Council, or their Local Authority.

Online applications open on 1st September 2020. There is also more information available about the admissions 2021 timetable, booklets, guides and fact sheets on their website.

The closing date for applications is 31st October 2020 in line with Local Authority co-ordinated admission scheme deadlines.  The offer notification date from the Local Authority to parents is 1st March 2021.

After the offer of a school place is made by Worcestershire County Council you have until 15th March to accept or decline the place.

Any requests to appeal for a school place for September 2021 should be sent in writing, using the Admission Appeal Form, to Nunnery Wood High School. You have 20 school days to lodge an appeal, i.e. by the 29th March 2021.

Any requests for appeals received by the deadline (29th March) will be heard before the end of June.

Any appeals received after the deadline (29th March) will be heard during September 2021.

Please note that attendance at one of these feeder schools does not guarantee a place at Nunnery Wood High School. For more information, see our Admissions Policy below.

To download an Admission Appeal Form Click Here.

For more information on appealing an admissions decision please Click Here

Any requests for appeals received by the deadline (27th March) will be heard before the end of June 2020.
Any appeals received after the deadline (27th March) will be heard during September 2020.


Our Admissions policies for students are available to download by clicking the links below:

Admissions Policy for students starting in 2019/20

Admissions Policy for students starting in 2020/21

Admissions Policy for students starting in 2021/22

Applying for a Place at Nunnery Wood High School
For those who are seeking a place as part of the normal annual Year 7 intake in September, the Admissions process is co-ordinated by Worcestershire County Council’s Pupil Admissions Department and their application form either can be downloaded or completed online.

To view the WCC School Admissions site and access school admission forms go to:

Information on primary to high school transfer is provided to parents by their child’s primary school at the start of their Year 6.

For those who are seeking a place outside of the admission time or in a different year group, the Headteacher, Mr Powell, is always happy to discuss place availability and to offer prospective parent(s)/carer(s) and students a tour of the school. Please contact the Headteacher’s PA, Mrs Helen West, (01905 363636 or Email) with queries or to arrange a tour.