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Computing & Business

“Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer… because it teaches you how to think.” – Steve Jobs

Welcome & Ethos

  • The Computing and Business department encompasses many different subject disciplines; Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Computer Science and Business Studies.
  • Through these disciplines we aim to develop student’s capability, creativity and knowledge in computer science, digital media and information technology, to develop and apply their analytic, problem-solving, design, and computational thinking skills and to understand how changes in technology affect safety, including new ways to protect their online privacy and identity, and how to report a range of concerns.

Context of the Subject

Computer Science is the study of principles and practices that underpin an understanding and modelling of computation, and of their application in the development of computer systems. At its heart lies the notion of computational thinking: a mode of thought that goes well beyond software and hardware, and that provides a framework within which to reason about systems and problems. This mode of thinking is supported and complemented by a substantial body of theoretical and practical knowledge, and by a set of powerful techniques for analysing, modelling and solving problems.

Computer Science is deeply concerned with how computers and computer systems work, and how they are designed and programmed. Students studying computing gain insight into computational systems of all kinds, whether or not they include computers. It allows us to solve problems, design systems and understand the power and limits of human and machine intelligence. It is a skill that empowers, and that all Students should be aware of and have some competence in. Furthermore, students who can think computationally are better able to conceptualise and understand computer-based technology, and so are better equipped to function in modern society.

Computer Science is a practical subject, where invention and resourcefulness are encouraged. Students are expected to apply the academic principles they have learned to the understanding of real-world systems, and to the creation of purposeful artefacts. This combination of principles, practice, and invention makes it an extraordinarily useful and an intensely creative subject, suffused with excitement, both visceral (“it works!”) and intellectual (“that is so beautiful”).

In Business Studies students will consider the practical application of business concepts. The department provide opportunities to explore theories and concepts in the most relevant way, through the context of events in the business and economic world.

The knowledge and skills gained from this will provide students with a firm foundation for further study or life skills that may become invaluable.

Staffing Structure

Curriculum Leader
Mr A Jenkinson
Phone: 01905 363667

Team Structure
Curriculum leader
Assistant Curriculum Leader
1 teacher of Computing & Business
1 part-time Computing & Business

Curriculum Facilities

3 designated computer suites holding 32 PC’s. The department also has limited access to 30 PC’s in the library and 30 PC’s in D&T Dept.

All computers are on a cycle of renewal to ensure computers and their software remain cutting edge.